artificial plants 24

You may hear that you should never use artificial plants as a part of your home décor, but I have been known to ignore that advice, and many others do as well. This might have been good advice ten years ago, but I don’t think it holds as much water today as it did back then. The main reason for this is that the ones they make today look so good, you would never know they were not real unless you gave them a really good inspection. Most will never know, but will enjoy the look they give any room.

What I love about artificial plants is that I don’t have to water them. I have a few real ones in my home, and if they were not able to handle sparse watering, they would never survive in my home. I love real plants, but I am entirely too forgetful to have too many of them. This is why I love the artificial plants that I have. I don’t have to worry about watering them, my cats don’t eat them, and they never need trimming or transplant. All I have to do is make sure I dust them now and again to keep them looking fresh and new.

I have also found that artificial plants can do things that real plants can not do when it comes to décor and room design. My friend has a ledge that runs around the ceiling in her bathroom. She has gotten an artificial vine that runs all the way around and looks amazing in there. This is not something you can easily do with a real plant, and if you could, it would be hard to water and care for such a plant. These look good in many areas of the house, though you should not use them everywhere.

Not all artificial plants look that good, and that is why it is a good idea to shop around when you buy some, and it is also a good idea to spend more. The better looking ones are going to cost you more, but what you are paying for is the quality more so than the size of the plant. Be sure to inspect each part of any artificial plants you want to buy. Some look really good for the most part, but might have a fatal flaw that ruins the overall look of the plant.


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